Choosing to share housing is a big change.  Even when the benefits may be clear, choosing this option isn't easy. There are significant stumbling blocks.  People change when 1) the current situation is painful and 2) when they can envision something different.
We provide educational  resources—courses, discussion guides, train-the-trainer certification —  for professionals to use with their client populations. We also provide direct training.  
Some of these offerings can be found more full described on the website.


Our 15-hour course, Living Happily: Choosing the Right Home-Mates, is designed to provide participants with insight on how they use their home and how to select a suitable home-mate. This intensive workshop includes practicing skills in interviewing, managing conflicts, and creating agreements.  Most importantly, the course gives participants  time to engage with the idea in the company of others and with trainer support.  Download the tri-fold brochure we used for a pilot. Yarmouth Pilot Brochure

Our half-day course, Aging-In-Place without Isolation: The Sharing Housing Option is designed for professionals to gain understanding of the process and to become believers so that they can talk to others about this option. Here is a flyer we have used: Sharing Housing Option Flyer


Our  four-session webinar, Discovering Shared Housing, teaches the skills to find the ideal housemate. The webinar offers the liveliness of talk—listening, speaking, dialogue, questions, and answers. You have the opportunity to engage with others who are also considering the shared housing option. Read more.


Our one- or two-hour presentation, Belonging: The Benefits of Sharing Housing provides attendees with a basic understanding of the benefits of sharing housing and an outline of a process for selecting a home-mate. This presentation is tailored for different audiences and has had many names. We have been an invited speaker at:

  • American Society on Aging Conference
  • Positive Aging Conference
  • Life Planning Network, Boston
  • Dartmouth/ Mary Hitchcock Aging Resources Center
  • Yarmouth Housing Panel, Yarmouth, MA
  • Society of Certified Senior Advisors, National Webinar
  • Healthy Aging Conference, Grace Cottage Hospital, Townsend, OH
  • Aging-in-Place Speaker Series, Wilmington, VT
  • Tri-State Aging Conference, Concord, NH 
  • Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, Keene, NH
  • Women's Economic Opportunity Conference, Vermont
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (Massachusetts)
  • The Dean's Forum, Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, OH
  • Libraries—Arlington, MA, Hancock, NH, Woodstock VT, Brattleboro, VT
  • Strolling of the Heifers, Brown Bag, Brattleboro, VT
  • Putney Cares, Cares Board, Putney, VT
  • Twin Oaks Community Conference

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