Shared housing allows for housing that is both affordable and offers social connection.

Sharing Housing Inc. is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting shared housing as a viable and enjoyable answer to the joint crises of housing affordability and loneliness facing our society through education and advocacy. Shared housing is an ancient method of survival and well being that can be adapted to modern life.


We work with organizations, housing professionals, the aging network and local officials seeking innovative models to address the twin issues of affordable housing and social isolation. Through education, advocacy, and model development these entwined needs can be addressed by empowering individuals to make this housing choice. We offer resources on how to pursue shared housing both to housing providers and the public at large through our sister site,


We envision a world in which sharing housing is a commonly accepted living arrangement and individuals are happy, safe, and at peace as they realize the benefits of cost savings, companionship, help with tasks, and mutual support.